What are some of the basic tips for printer maintenance? Find out below:

  • Check the cartridge and toner ink levels – the most basic of all advice with regards to printers is obviously to be mindful of the ink levels of the cartridges and toner. Cartridges can come as all-in-one varieties, black and cyan-magenta-yellow sets or even four separate cartridges for each colour. Usually, using the all-in-one or even the dual setup is a good idea, because you will otherwise have to frequently buy ink cartridges online. Nonetheless, regardless of which setup you have, make sure to regularly check the levels of ink you have to avoid any badly printed pages.
  • Turn it off properly – unless it is about the actual computers or laptops that we use, there is a common tendency to try and switch off every other electronic device by simply unplugging it from its power source. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your printer begins to malfunction, so make sure to properly switch off the printer with the relevant button before pulling out the power cord.
  • Update the software regularly – this might not be a very familiar tip to most, but you should also know that most printers nowadays can be updated to fix any software issues, as well as to sometimes even improve the quality of the print. Accordingly, make sure to frequently check for updates (most printer software will have settings to automatically check for them – check whether this is turned on or not).
  • Keep the printer clean – simply replacing the HP printer toner cartridge won’t ensure that your printer functions correctly. In fact, in addition to the above points, you also have to be on the lookout for any potential dust accumulating in every nook and cranny of your printer. Dust and other particulate matter accumulations can greatly diminish the quality of the pages you are printing.
  • Use the printer regularly – and finally, another way to make sure that your printer won’t work correctly is not using frequently. This is not only because there is a greater probability for the dust to accumulate, but also because many printers will see their print heads eventually dry up from a lack of use. Accordingly, you want to avoid using your printer sparingly, as that can work against you. Fixing dried print heads can be quite expensive if they are not of the replaceable variety – thus, make sure you at least use your printer weekly (if you do not, it is a good idea to just print a single page even – a realignment page will also help your printer fix its bearings). If your print heads are replaceable, make sure to buy new print heads and replace them regularly for better performance.
Don’t Only Print! Here’s The Maintenance Guide You Need To Follow