Nowadays workplaces have high goals or objectives set for different work groups to achieve. While this is a sign of progress and a need to be competitive in the economy, there needs to be right approaches designed to make employees be productive and motivated to deliver towards such goals of an organization.

Stress on reward and recognition

Employees are usually assigned specific job roles with certain deliverables that change over time. While this is a standard approach for any kind of work in any organization, stress should be more on what one would achieve if the deliverables were met or one exceeded their work to targets. Hence, managers need to focus on employee engagement programs that can motivate employees or team members to perform beyond what is expected of them. Though this is not imperative all the time, however, having an established structure of rewarding and recognizing employee contributions would act as a motivating factor in any organization. 

Focus on the positive

Most people cringe from the thought of what they will face when they are unable to deliver on objectives or work targets. At the same time, it is a reality that work targets are often difficult to achieve and employees often face several obstacles that keep them from achieving work targets easily. Hence, the stress should be on incremental progress and how well teams are moving towards their goal. The work of a team manager should be to stress on the positive and appreciate the efforts being put in and not be overly critical about the performance of team members. Here employee recognition awards even verbally and for small efforts, can go a long way to pushing team members to try harder.

Collaborative approach

When teams work in cohesion, the synergistic energy flow and an air of positivity is created which helps team members individually to contribute their very best. While team targets are often stretched and difficult to achieve within timelines set, when teams work in cohesion, the result of such efforts is usually positive. Hence, a manager needs to focus on encouraging team members to work together, understanding people and helping them solve their conflicts so that they can put together their efforts to reach the overall team objective.When team managers focus on such aspects rather than simply looking at target achievement, team members tend to be more loyal and own team objectives. This results in greater efficiency and better results in the long run. Team synergy and team bonding aspects are what a team manager needs to focus on.

How Managers Can Motivate Team Members?