With changing weather conditions other sorts of fuel situation, it is smart to start making better choices. The choices we make affect our lives and lifestyle a lot and people must understand that the changes do not always have negative impacts on us. There are certain reasons why we should be doing what our higher officials ask to because they are aware of the current situations and they have the idea of what might happen in the future.  


 The rules of BASIX were made due to the fact our earth is running out fossil fuel and we need to be smart with them. According to the new laws of building in NSW, it is necessary for the houses of commercial and industrial buildings to have a BASIX certificate. This certificate for the new houses asks for three important things, the report on water utilization, thermal performance and energy. The water and the energy clause of the certificate approve that the water consumption is low and there is less emission of the greenhouse gases. This certificate is proof that new houses constructed is an energy-efficient house and is saving water and energy. 

Section J: 

Section J report in Sydney is quite important. This report has a lot to tell about the building and has many rules and regulations. This section has 8 different sections to be covered each one about a different part of the house. Like: 

  • J1: building fabric
  • J2: glazing
  • J3: building sealing
  • J4: air movement
  • J5: Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • J6: Artificial lightning power
  • J7: Hot water supply and swimming spa pool plants
  • J8: Access to maintaining and monitoring facilities. 

For a house to be approved energy efficient all of the above sections must meet the standard quality and if it is not possible then JV3 assessment is done, but it is mostly for the industrial buildings. 

JV3 assessment: 

 It is an alternative method to get the building proven to be energy efficient. This is usually for industrial buildings. As often industrial building must have a design that is suitable for them but is to the fitting for section J Hence, JV3 assessment in Sydney comes in the actions. It is lighter on the rules as compared to section J but, it also shows that the building eventual an energy-efficient one. 

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